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31 August 2013 @ 04:02 pm
Ceramics Class  
Title: Ceramics Class
Pairing: Chanlu
Rating: PG-13
Summary: au where Chanyeol starts taking ceramics classes (thanks to a certain devious healing unicorn) and finds himself falling for the lovely instructor.
(a/n: this is a 613w oneshot/crack in which I discover a ship I did not know I shipped until it was too late.)


As Chanyeol walks into the studio, he recounts the reasons why he signed up for ceramics class in the first place (namely Yixing and his get-out-and-actually-do-something talks) and the reasons why he should just leave right now (everyone else here are housewives!!!11 Yixing said there would be “people like you” ...oh.)

The studio has easels and cabinets pushed to the side, making room for the setup of small individual workspaces that faced and cluttered around the instructor’s. Chanyeol trudges across the room, careful not to tangle his long limbs with that of chairs, and settles into an unhappy corner at the back. He pulls out his phone,

LAY‘S: (18:54)
Have fun! <3

YEOL: (19:01)
I hate u

LAY‘S: (19:01)
You’ll get over it. :*

Chanyeol shuffles around in his seat, about to text his roommate back when he notice his classmates fall silent. The instructor begins to call attendance and he resumes thumbing back an angry reply (on the lines of “D:<”) until-

“Park Chanyeol.”

His attention shifts right away. He feels his heart thump a litter faster, and he swears on his extremely valuable Iron Man figurine collection that he had never heard his name said aloud- at least not like that, for that in comparison to every other spoken rendition of his name prior to this moment, is the only one that could ever do it justice. He looks up to match the angel’s voice to a face and figuratively gasps when he sees him (‘figuratively’ because, heck wouldn’t that be embarrassing literally?): Long lashes frame the pair of big, expressive eyes, which were currently frowning down at the attendance sheet. Chanyeol feels like he is falling.

“Mr Park?”

Why the pout, you pretty thing? Dazed, but still somewhat functioning, he attempts to answer and proceeds to start choking on his own spit.

A lady turns around to tut sympathetically at the convulsing giant, and the instructor glances up with concern. Chanyeol compares his own face to the color of Kris’ obnoxious car.

The beautiful creature offers him a small smile and continues down the list; undoubtedly realizing that “Mr. Park” was the whimpering fool (and only other mister in the room). Chanyeol wants to cry.

“Alright,” the instructor slips the attendance sheet away, and addresses his audience with an enthusiasm Chanyeol finds extremely endearing,

“Hello, I’m Luhan and I will be your instructor tonight.”

Luhan. Luhan Luhan Luhan Luhan…

❀ ❀ ❀

Turns out ceramics class might not be such a bad idea after all. He hums to himself as he jabs at his own lump of clay. Having had the embarrassment from earlier subside, Chanyeol is well recovered and back to his old self.

He tries not to steal glimpses of his doe-eyed instructor too much, but finds himself just flat out staring for long, borderline-creepy (jk, passed that line ten minutes ago) periods of time.

He was never one for subtle, Chanyeol concludes while Luhan starts demonstrating how to work the clay into the basic cylindrical shape of a vase. But he sure wishes he were, as his mind drifts off to other things those pretty fingers would be good at.


a/n: UM.
sim_jangsim_jang on September 2nd, 2013 05:47 pm (UTC)
right? gosh chanyeol..